• My two kids are a part of Blooming Buds Preschool,As the school name “Khilti Kaliya”suggests nurturing for the child by providing sunlight,water,shade to bloom,the same way this preschool has been providing loving and caring teachers,excellent management,well designed syllabus,extra curricular activities which enhances kids abilities and skills.My kids have shown satisfactory growth and development.I feel happy and proud to be a part Blooming Buds Preschool Family.
    Mrs.Reshma Wadhwani
    (Mother Of Dimple & Hari Wadhwani)
  • Hello Everybody,
    My family had suggested many options but I am happy on my decision of choosing Blooming Buds Preschool,rather I would say my child is more happy,school makes sure that children are developed in academics,cultural activities,sports and stage appearances. Confidence on stage makes parents feel proud and happy.I believe in practical knowledge and I think school syllabus is developed accordingly,teachers are very co-operative,a child loves going to school if teachers are loving and my daughter Adhishree loves her teachers,school develops a bond between child-teacher.I am impressed with school management and requested Reshma Mam to start higher grades.She knows every childs development chart which is commendable. I thank her and the whole staff or their efforts taken on each and every child.
    Mrs.Vedantika Mane
    (Mother of Adhishree Mane)
  • In today’s scenario the most important yet difficult task is to find a good preschool for our child’s education.But our search for the best preschool in Kolhapur ended up at Blooming Buds Preschool.All the teachers are very welcoming,friendly,approachable and up front to speak to,especially the Head-Mistress Reshma Mahadik and Mrs.Gayatri Kupekar.The curriculum of school is very well planned which includes all the activities such as writing skill,reading,phonic,art & craft,story time,singing ,dancing,sports,social and annual functions which is conducted for overall development of each and every student. We are also happy and satisfied with the progress of both our children.our experience with Blooming Buds hass been fantastic and we would surely recommend this school for others because at Blooming Buds ..
    Children truly Bloom.
    Mr Sandeep Ghorpade & Mrs.Nivedita Ghorpade
    (Parent of Yashwasen Ghorpade)
  • Hello,
    As a parent I am very happy with Blooming Buds Preschool.They ensure that each and every child learns the concepts.The school takes lot of efforts on developing confidence level of children by organizing different co-curricular activities.Learning is full of fun.Secondly I have two daughters both studying at Blooming Buds,I have never been worried about their safety in school.The management is thoroughly doing a very good job.I am very satisfied with the school,the teachers are very helpful and they have become our childrens friend.What they have learnt here will always be useful in the future.
    Thank You.
    Mrs.Amruta Yatin Janwadkar
    (Mother of Riona & Devina Janwadkar)
  • Hello Everyone,
    The fame of the school is in its name.When the child takes the first step outside the house it just like a delicate butterfly as it joins Blooming Buds it starts to Bloom.The staff is very co-operative with the child and parent too.Each and every teacher knows the child,their habits,skills,necessities ,strength and weakness.They work together for their physical,social,emotional and intellectual development of child.I think here the children lean toplay and work together inspite their different interests.The celebration of festivals,talent shows,school trips,games and other cultural activities arranged in school makes child perfect in every field.They alsoorganize programs where they involve mothers and kids to encourage both.Each and every teacher,takes efforts on creativity and innovation where children enjoy and learn easily.The school environment is very joyful,my kids enjoy going to school.As Parent we feel very happy and safe as both my daughter and son are part of this lovely school.
    Mrs.Piyusha Sangram Hanjage
    (Mother of Reeva & Rajveer Hanjage)
  • Hi,
    I am Mrs.Swati Ingavale.In todays competitive world it becomes very difficult and confusing to choose the best preschool for our children as foundation years are very important in their lives and in that search finally I decide on Blooming Buds for my twin kids Shlok and shoarya. Initially I was worried as they are twins and born friends,but the teacher handled them very well and kindly and help them mingle with others. They celebrate all days in school like colour days,festivals,rainy days ,so the children get information about our culture.Every child is special for the teachers,they become a family,they follow the teachers instructions,they try to bring out the best in every child.The extra curricular activities organized by school like poetry competiotions,sports days,annual functionsmake them strong and confident.They are able to perform on stage confidently,as Parents we can see the positive results,discipline and improvement due to best teaching .At Blooming Buds you have helped our kids to Bloom.We trust Blooming Buds and feel secure,they emphasize on safety and security of every child.All this is well managed by Reshma Mam.Thank you very much for giving me a chance to share my experiences of Blooming Buds.
    Mrs Ingavale
    (Mother of Shlok & Shaurya Ingavale)
  • Hello,
    Blooming Buds focuses on over all development of the child,all teachers are attentive to the needs of every student.Our son is very happy going to school.
    Mrs Namrata Patankar
    (Mother of Sahastrajit Patankar)
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